Continuing Education


  • 12 CE hours (CEH) are required each year*
    • One hour of continuing education credit (1.0 CEH) shall be given for each clock hour of attendance.
    • All 12 CE hours can be obtained from Content Area I (content which improves the professional competency of the licensee in the area of licensure).

However, if desired, 2 of the required 12 CEH may come from Content Area II (content which must be related to the professional competency of Speech-Language Pathology and/or Audiology). Only 2 CEH will be allowed from Content Area II each year.

*Dual licensees must obtain 24 CEH each year (adhering to the above guidelines): 12 CEH in Speech-Language Pathology PLUS 12 CEH in Audiology


Need CE credit? Try CELL! Click to open in a new window.

(CELL, the "Continuing Education Lending Library" is managed by SHAA, the Speech and Hearing Association of Alabama.)


How to Submit a Course for Continuing Education Pre-approval

Pre-approval of an upcoming continuing education opportunity may be submitted to the ABESPA office at any time. Approvals or disapprovals are decided upon by review and vote of the entire Board. Submitting a request to an individual Board member results in that member submitting the course request to the Board as a whole during the regularly scheduled meeting. (See scheduled Board meeting dates.)

The appropriate steps are as follows:

  1. Download the CE Pre-approval Form and follow its instructions.
  2. Include the following information:
    • Course objectives
    • Biographical information about the speaker
    • Classification of the course as Content Area I or Content Area II
  3. Submit the form to:
    400 South Union Street, Suite 435
    Attn: Wanda Rawlinson, Executive Secretary
    PO Box 304760
    Montgomery, Alabama 36130-4760

Please note the timeliness required to obtain an answer to the submitted request. Remember, it is a vote of the Board that determines the status of a CE request. For further information, please contact us.